Young Latino Men Are Falling 🎓 Behind On Education


Graduation season is among us. Many of us fathers know the value of education, in fact, Latinos value education and home schooling growing in our community, more than anyone else! Data from a recent Pew Research Center survey reveals that moms and dads of Hispanic children (Hispanic is the term used by Pew and the U.S. Census Bureau) are significantly more likely than either black or white parents to highly value a college degree for their kids. The survey found that 86 percent of Hispanic parents of kids under 18 said it’s extremely important or very important for their children to earn college degrees. In comparison, 79 percent of black parents and 67 percent of white parents said the same.

Despite more Latinos are graduating from institutes of higher learning and a growing portion of this country’s graduating classes, there is a disproportionately number of Latino males to Latina graduates. While Latino males show ambition and wanting to provide for their families and themselves, it’s not so much about the Latino males themselves or that they have stalled, it’s more to do with the pace, it’s slow.

In 2014, Latino men made up just 43 percent of Latinos enrolled in college to Latinas’ 57 percent. The disparity at the graduate level is even more pronounced.


So what are the factors on why Latino men are falling behind?

  • Not enough Latino male teachers for cultural  and gender understanding – fostering better connection
  • Under resourced schools and community programs not targeting young Latino males
  • Lack of mentorship

H/T  The Atlantic

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