More Latino Households Are HomeSchooling

Homeschooling is no longer for the counterculture, religious mostly ‘white’ family…

Latino families are jumping in on the homeschooling movement too. Dissatisfaction of school’s curriculum and low scores, morality, concerns of safety and learning institutions struggling with low budgets in especially poor, underserved urban and rural neighborhoods – guess where most Latino families live?

Latino students make up more than 26% of homeschooling population, according to data from the National Household Education Surveys Program (NHES). 

Other circumstances for example, are faith-based and financial – not being able to afford ‘private’ faith based schools – has led American Latino families to lead the homeschooling movement. Other potential factors could be raising a child in native language or to be bilingual, current national state of social issues such as racism, discrimination and bias in the education system, especially aimed at children of color – black and Latino.

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The factors and circumstances are plenty to compel a Latino family to make the decision to homeschool. It’s about control of the quality of education and experience for the kids. Learning to homeschool is the next step, the ‘how to’ can be an overwhelming process and according to, there are different ways to homeschool. Families can decide on entering public school should circumstances change or keep kids all the way up to college entry years.

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