Make Reading Fun With Books For The Entire Familia

Getting kids to read can be tough! So it’s up to parents to get kids motivated about reading, to trigger their kids’ imagination and learn in the process.

Here are a few quick tips of getting your kids engaged in more reading –

  • One of the best things to do is set up a cool and fun reading area in your home with a growing library of books, magazines, posters, comics, DIY books.
  • Of course, you can let your kids pick the books – magazines and comic books qualify and turn them on to new book brands like from Familius! More on this brand later!
  • Buy your kid a cool reading lamp for their nightstand or a fun gadget like a headlamp they can wear while reading.
  • Get help if your kid is not grasping words well, showing signs of real struggle.

There exists an early reading/literacy gap among Latino kids and Black kids so it’s important for families to engage in reading regularly and form habits around reading. Reading is accessible anywhere from library, to practicing while on-the-go in the car to home, of course.

When it comes to book brands we recommend, it’s rare to find a brand that also creates books for fathers, parents AND kids – the entire family. Which is why Familius‘s mission to ‘help families be happy…‘ is on point – because that’s the family goal – happiness, que estamos contento, right?

Familius was able to connect one of our Latino dads with a set of books – beautifully illustrated – from reading books to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) craft books for kids were provided. Our Latino dad, @NerdyAtHomeDad posted this:

We love that if you sign up with any of Familius email newsletters, you get a FREE e-book, activity ideas, and tips for family happiness! 

Learn more about Familius below!

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