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Welcome/Bienvenidos! We are excited to launch LatinoDad Profiles – Interview Series where we have conversations with everyone from trailblazing Hollywood celebrity fathers to the local and global leaders in the reinforcement of healthy fatherhood, parenthood and manhood in our communities. LatinoDad looks forward to engaging you with fresh perspectives with our coveted leaders…men who like you, embrace their most important role, as FATHERS. Adelante!

LatinoDad is kicking off our interview series with global thought leader, researcher, advocate and overall changemaker, also a father, Dr. Gary Barker, PhD – President/CEO – of Promundo, a leading global leader in promoting gender justice and preventing violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women and girls. Interview hosted by Pam Covarrubias, LatinoDad Media correspondent and founder of Spread Ideas, Move People’s Cafe con Pam where she has conversations with Latino leaders and allies in creating societal change

Promundo was founded in 1997 in Latin America, Brazil, where Gary Barker had already adopted the country as his own, fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and living with his Brazilian wife.  While working with UNICEF to advocate for at-risk, disadvantaged, exploited South American youth – his experience and observance in particular with the treatment of young girls, led to the discovery of unhealthy gender equality in highly patriarchal and violent South American societies. Twenty years later, Promundo is a leading global non-governmental organization (NGO).  Promundo’s approach has been making change at multiple levels through formative research and rigorous evaluation, its implemented evidence-based educational and community-wide programs and partnering with women’s rights groups as well as advocacy with institutions and governments to adopt policies and scale up programs that reinforce personal and social change. One of many of Promundo‘s impactful programs is the MenCare Campaign which reaches about 40 countriesEvery two years MenCare (Co-coordinated by Promundo) releases a landmark analyses of global fatherhood and caregiving with the annual State of the World’s Fathers report.

We need to show the world just how much each gender depends on each other and how men too benefit from gender equality –

Dr. Gary Barker, President/CEO Promundo 

About MenCare

The MenCare Campaign is proud to present Marcio’s Story, an emotional telling of how fatherhood plays an integral role in men’s lives. Marcio, a man living in Brazil, narrates in first person the importance of supporting men’s involvement in the lives of their family even if it goes against traditional expectations of how men are supposed to act. Created by Nathan Golon. For ENGLISH

More About Promundo

“When Men Change” tells the story of four men who changed the way they think about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, and violence. In recent years, there has been increased interest in exploring how men can contribute to promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women and girls. As the evidence base grows, now is the time to answer the question: “What works to engage men in achieving gender equality?”

This film, produced by Promundo, illustrates what interventions have proven to be effective when engaging men and boys in advancing gender equality and preventing gender-based violence, from the health sector to the workplace.

This year, LatinoDad is presenting the LatinoDad Summit 2017 – we are honored to have Promundo as a Cause Partner.

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