Face Lotion Motion – Grooming For Busy Fathers

Faces are like excuses, everybody has one.

Hey, you’re going to have yours for life, so it makes sense to take care of it. I’ve taken a cue from my luminous lady, Big Brown Mom and started moisturizing my face…but only after punching it first, to prove I’m still macho and all that.

To be clear, the male grooming industry has taken off.  According to Statista, it’s currently is a 21 billion dollar global business.  By 2024, that number is expected to reach the 29 billion dollar mark.  A handful of minority-owned brands have entered the U.S. market, looking to capture this lucrative segment. There’s Bevel, Tristan Walker’s juggernaut. There’s Hue, a New York based hair care outfit and Frederick Benjamin, a social media savvy brand bubbling online.

In the interest of saving you time and money, I’ve decided to review a handful of face lotions I’ve recently tried.

Oil of Olay
This was my go-to because this was a must-have when I was a young-buck.  Even now, I’ve never seen a “Men’s” version, which leads me to believe that this is uni-sex, which is just fine by me because I’ve done beeeeeeen using it! And the smell reminds me of my grandma.

To be sure, OIL is in the damn name and you can barely escape the sheen it leaves on your forehead and cheeks.

But if it’s Olay or nothing, rub some in.

I decided to step up my game, so I did some research.  And something, maybe a lack of food and sleep, led me to take a chance on Bulldog. I have a bulldog, so this was meant to be, right?


The price point was fine, but the scent was too musky.  The last thing I wanted to do was coordinate my face lotion with my deodorant with my soap with my hair gel with my shampoo with my toothpaste with my body lotion.

So it sits.  I still have a half bottle left and I’m willing to sell it at a steep discount.

L’Oreal Men Expert Pure and Matte
I decided to go with a trusted name in grooming, L’Oreal.  And while the packaging and marketing was aight, the damn lotion smelled like a car air-freshener.  So many nopes.

Clinique Men’s Anti Aging Moisturizer
I decided to get shmancy and ordered this.  It was perfect. Odorless. Light.  Effective. But costly. And I’m cheap, so I looked for an alternative and found this.

Lavo Daily Moisturizer Cream
I’m two days in, and I just saw a reflection of my reflection in my forehead sheen, so I’ll likely bounce back to Clinique before too long.  A frugal man can’t win, can he?

Remember, your face is the only face you’ll have to face everyday you’re facing your face.  So take care of it.

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Face Lotion Motion – Grooming For Busy Fathers

Faces are like excuses, everybody has one. Hey, you’re going to have...
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